Pennywise Wig & Attached Headpiece, Adult


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Is a clown always funny and friendly? Meet Pennywise, the Dancing Clown and star of the Stephen King horror novel “It”, written in 1986. This terrifying clown is a Shape-shifter, who can only be seen by children and lives to haunt them in their nightmares. It can take on many forms, including werewolves, bats, leeches, and sharks and can embody any of a child’s worst fears. The 2017 Movie “It” and the new 2019 movie “It: Chapter 2” starring the deranged Pennywise Clown is a true horror movie. Watch out for red balloons swaying in the breeze, kids. A perfect choice for Halloween!


  • Vinyl half mask with painted forehead features – mask sits across forehead with hair attached
  • Polypropylene hair strands attached in iconic Pennywise style
  • Make up crayon to recreate the Pennywise look
  • Full Pennywise costume is sold separately
  • This is an officially licensed Stephen King product