Barbie Lifesize Doll Box



She started as a concept doll in 1959 and has grown to be a household brand name in Mattel, starring in movies, TV series, cartoons, books, apparel and games. Beautiful and glamorous, Barbie is perfect for role-playing and dress-ups as she has such a fashionable wardrobe and attends some of the trendiest events. Now, YOU can become that gorgeous Barbie-in-a-box in this fun, party-perfect Doll Box costume. Dress in your favourite Barbie outfit then simply jump in the box and smile for the paparazzi!


Felt bonded doll box with digitally printed words
Shoulder straps within costume to secure over wearer
Costume within doll box sold seperately
Polybag dimensions are larger than standard and measure 35cm x 50cm x 7cm
This is an officially licensed Mattel Barbie product