Catwoman Mask, Adult



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Her character started as “The Cat” in the 1940 “Batman” movie. A sleek, slinky, sexy DC Comics character, Catwoman is the complicated love interest of Batman and a villainous cat burglar, prowling around Gotham City. In later years she has become an anti-heroine, often doing wrong things for the right reasons. Selina Kyle is known for her figure-hugging black catsuit, pointy ears and her bullwhip weapon. Played by many famous actors over the decades, including Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway, Catwoman has starred in many films by Warner Bros such as The Dark Knight (2012) and Batman Returns (1992). So, practice your meow and your purr, and become this feisty feline.


  • Soft latex full head mask
  • Chin strap to hold on
  • Approximately 12cm slit at back of head to easily put on and take off
  • Moulded stitching detail with painted features
  • This is an officially licensed DC Comics product